What are the best three features of a chainsaw? While some chainsaws have more features than others, the overwhelming majority of them have three key features that make them far safer to operate than older models that may lack these features. Sometimes, it also makes them more convenient to use so get the http://www.toolversed.com/saws/the-best-chainsaw/.

Auto Stop

ChainsawDifferent manufacturers have different names for this particular feature, but the idea is that if your hand comes off of the handlebar, the chainsaw stops running entirely. This is a lot like the safety features on riding lawn mowers where the engine automatically stops if you get out of the seat. It is designed to keep you safe while using it, with the thought process being that if your hand comes off of the handlebar, something must have happened so the chainsaw stops running in order to prevent you or someone else from being cut.

Easy Start

A lot of chainsaws that are built today have a function that makes them easier to start, which is a huge benefit. Older models are traditionally difficult to start and they can be notorious for refusing to start even after several attempts. This is not only frustrating, but it can also cause you to injure yourself as you repeatedly try to start it. This feature makes it much easier to get the chainsaw going, which cuts down on the chances that you might throw your shoulder out while trying to start it. It also makes the job go a lot faster.

Man with chainsaw

Easier Cleaning

A lot of modern chainsaws have better access to the air filter, resulting in an expedited cleaning process. This makes it much easier to take care of and maintain a chainsaw, thereby resulting in a longer operational life for what was probably a rather expensive piece of equipment. It also helps to increase safety by ensuring that the machine is running properly.

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of different features that are offered from different manufacturers. For the most part, some version of these three features are offered by the most reliable manufacturers. They all make operating a chainsaw easier, thereby increasing the level of safety with which you can run it and click here for more.

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